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All-rounder ERP solution for your business

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Lean, agile and productive manufacturing

If you want to keep your manufacturing processes well-managed, effective, and efficient, implement the smart manufacturing management software solution. These kinds of business management systems enable companies to operate flexibly and enhance operational efficiency as well. It also facilitates make-to-stock, configure-to-order, and engineer-to-order methods. An advanced manufacturing system supports all types of manufacturing, such as high volume repetitive manufacturing, batch, and complex manufacturing, etc. Also, this system has a great Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module. It lets manufacturers plan according to the demand of the current market. Furthermore, integration with various modules like Sales, Inventory, Accounting, and Purchase enhances the efficacy of the operations.

Furthermore, at the time of selecting manufacturing software always go for the one which can deliver real and measurable business value to your customers. An intelligent manufacturing software not only allows you to manage the entire process efficiently but also enables you to eliminate non-value-added work from existing processes.

A comprehensive solution for all sizes of manufacturing industries

There are so many manufacturing software as well as its vendors are available in the market. But selecting them is a real task. An open-source, flexible, scalable, easy to use, and customizable software would be perfect for all kinds of manufacturing industries. It enables companies to easily integrate with various key business applications or modules, such as warehouse management systems, accounting, manufacturing execution systems, etc. Also, you can make the entire manufacturing process efficient by capturing real-time data using advanced business connectors. Another key point, in manufacturing, project management is as important as any other process. Integration with project and timesheet modules will allow you to have a clear overview of each manufacturing project. Moreover, you will get the full insight into every employee's performance and productivity. Open-source business software can be fit into any size of business, from small and medium scale businesses to large enterprises.

Effectiveness of the membership module: Keeps your members engaged & satisfied

As I have mentioned in the top heading, "All-rounder ERP for your business", we are offering a complete suite of business modules and applications to make your field service business successful. The membership management module of our system is really necessary if you want to form a huge base of loyal customers. It may sound weird, but gaining the trust of your customers and getting a large number of customers who will not leave your company is a real tough task. Yes, customer loyalty is rare, but it is attainable. You all must be wondering, how a business application will help us to get all these things? Let me explain to you, a membership software assists companies to handle various membership programs for their customers. It results in so many customers will go for membership programs.

After being a member of your organization they will get so many benefits, such as discounts, offers, and customer loyalty offers. It further allows you to build strong and long-lasting customer bonds. As a result, this module or application will let you maximize your sales. All things considered, if you start providing your member customers with lucrative offers and discounts, it will surely enhance sales and ultimately increase revenue. Furthermore, with a mobile-friendly solution, you can manage your membership program from anywhere, any time. Our membership module has a powerful feature, a smart customer self-service portal. Here they can view their order status. It eliminates the burden from customers, earlier they have to call the support centers and go through a lot of things. But now, with this feature, we are able to provide our customers with immediate service. It enhances customer experience while empowering and engaging customers.