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Make complex field service processes simple

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Empowers companies to deliver satisfactory field services 

Do you know what field service is and why it is important? I am going to discuss it in detail. Field service applies to any service performed and delivered out in the field. It includes numerous tasks, activities, and processes, such as dispatching workers, to customer locations for installation, repairing, or equipment maintenance.  Furthermore, it includes parts of inventory management, job scheduling, ticket management, helpdesk management, client management, work order management, and more. To put it another way, it involves the management of an organization's resources employed for servicing client's equipment, systems, or machines and only involved in the property of clients, rather than on organizations' property. Moreover, the field service industry has so many responsibilities, including positioning and tracking vehicles, handling & controlling field worker activity, scheduling and dispatching work, and more. 

Industries involved in Field Services

As we all know, handling everything without having the right business management software in place cannot take care of every aspect of FSM efficiently. An FSM software integrates every field service process with inventory, billing, accounting, and other back-office systems. There are so many companies involved in the field service and need a powerful and intelligent FSM system. Companies like healthcare (mobile nurses), gas utilities (to investigate and repair suspicious leaks), telecommunications & cable industry (installation of cable or run phone lines), and heavy engineering, mining, construction, and manufacturing (for preventative maintenance and repair). In addition, the HVAC industry also needs an FSM system, it has to manage its technicians who are working on fields to install, repair, and maintain Heat and Air Conditioning equipment to investigate residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

The major pain points of a field service industry is disorganized communications, over-scheduled resources, and under-skilled technicians. To make sure everything will work smoothly, you will definitely need a Field Service ManagementSoftware with unique and advanced features.

Why is the FSM system important?

To accomplish all the tasks of your field service process time and with more efficiency, you will surely need a well-equipped field service management software. We are offering an FSM system with lots of unique features. We understand that from the first call to final sign off, you always try to fulfill customer experience with personalization. All things considered, to deliver the best quality services and enhance customer experience, you need a smart and powerful end-to-end solution that improves your business efficiency. Our system ensures fast response times and makes you capable of reacting to each customer request in real-time.

Manage works orders, parts and assets, contracts, job scheduling, dispatching, warranty, invoicing, billing, and more, all in a single system. All things considered, our FSM system enables organizations to deliver effective and fast onsite service. It is only possible with the improved and real-time tracking customer requests, managing technicians or field workers, and obtaining complete visibility across operations. Simply put, this system integrates many functions into one unified solution, such as it can be integrated with inventory, accounting, and sales. 

An intelligent FSM system provides:

  1. A better customer appointment management tool.

  2. Improved ticketing and work order management.

  3. Job scheduling and dispatching management.

  4. Mobile-friendly solution, you can track and manage every activity on the go or remotely.

  5. Access the system via smartphones, tablets, as well as laptops.

  6. A smart parts inventory management application.

  7. Helps in complex scheduling and routing optimization.

  8. Management of technicians or field worker's activity, such as driver logs, time tracking, job status update, etc.

  9. Better fleet management, track vehicle location to ensure vehicles and drivers safety.

  10. Integration with inventory, accounting, as well as other back-office systems to streamline the processes.

  11. A helpdesk management system to keep track of every customer’s request, queries, requirements, and issues. 

All things considered, implementing an ERP software to manage your field service tasks, activities, and processes is the best decision for your company. To grow faster and gain more profit, start using an FSM software that has automation capabilities. Although I may not have listed all the features available from various field management software vendors. But you will get a clear overview of the FSM system. Fieldsam has built a great FSM solution and to know more about the features and functionalities of this software, you can contact us.