Tracking Technician can boost your service business

These days, unhappy customers have many ways to voice their displeasure and the overall effect can hamper a company's ability to stay profitable, much less grow. For a service company, service technicians are the front line of the business.

If service technicians are arriving late (or not at all), showing up with no information about the service call, having to make return visits, producing shoddy/incomplete work, etc. This has a major impact on the customer and might result into losing that customer and lot of people will hear why which means it will also impact your business goodwill and upcoming customers too.

In order to improve service levels and streamline scheduling you have to track every moment of your technicians in the field.

Track your techs using FSM mobile app.

There are a variety of business reasons why it's important to know where your technicians are at any  given time during the work day.

Improved routing.

When work is scheduled, Technicians can view the map view of the customer location so that Tech can visit the location the shortest available routes. This reduces fuel consumption and ensures service windows are met.

Keep an eye on the Clock in/clock out of Technician

FSM will allow you to set a radius for technicians to Clock in/clock out from the job location. This will ensure you that tech is at job location and when he started and ends the job. 

Also during work hours, this will ensure you that technicians are where they're supposed to be. Being able to track your techs allows you 

to identify when employees are in places, they shouldn't be on company time.

Proof of service.
The need will arise, on occasion, to prove to a customer that your techs were onsite performing the service the customer expected. Being able to show a customer that your team was onsite when they were supposed to be goes a long way to disputing any claims   

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