A great membership management software

Build an enormous customer base

Keep your member customers satisfied

You all must be wondering, what is a membership management and why it is important. Membership management is important to form a loyal customer base. An online membership software helps you to manage numerous membership programs for your customers in an effective manner. This software is important because it lets you manage membership programs in the right way. Which further leads you to develop lasting customer bonds. Moreover, the membership module solution allows you to maximize your sales. In other words, when you provide best-in-class services and products to the customers who are your members. It surely maximizes sales and ultimately increases revenue. We are offering an easy to use and mobile-friendly membership management application at affordable pricing. Simply manage your members on your website and provide your member customers amazing offers, such as discounts, coupons, guarantee, warranty, etc. using FieldSAM's website membership management software.

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Also, you can customize the solution as per your need, because we know that every business has a different need, this is why we have built a system that can be tailored as per company's requirements. The customizable nature makes our system a perfect fit for every size of a company that helps businesses to fulfill the desired business needs. For example, if you are in the field service industry, you will have different requirements, if you are in the retail business you will have distinct needs, etc. It does not matter how big or small your company is, we can customize the system accordingly. Our client membership management system also supports various types of membership such as free members, paid members, associated members, or special members.

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Why use our membership management software?

Our system is an integrated and all-in-one software solution, we integrate the membership module with sales and accounting modules. This will allow companies to automate the invoicing process and proposition sending regarding membership renewal. Easily create and host membership products and services on your website to manage and track each member. Build excellent membership plans which not only offer sales opportunities but also give you a long term revenue structure. It will give you a loyal customer base and maximum ROI. Build lasting bonds with your customers. Furthermore, using our software you can create different membership plans, where customers can buy membership plans whenever they want from the website. Nurture your membership management services and improve your member's experience.

Also, our customer membership management software allows your customers to enable auto-renewal option, where your customers do not have to renew their membership, it will be renewed automatically as soon as previous membership expires. In other words, It automatically reactivates the plan for the particular customer upon expiration.

A robust warranty management software

Warranty claims management software helps companies to process, track, and manage warranties as well as associated claims through their lifecycle. Finding the right warranty management services provider and warranty management system is difficult, but with the detailed study of the solutions, you can get the best one. We offer top-notch software which surely can reduce your warranty cost to the minimum as well as automate warranty claims. Furthermore, it helps in enhancing your service revenue to the maximum. We have built this system in such a manner that it can automate the whole warranty claim process while reducing the total time consumption in processing the claims. Also, our system helps you to track each product's or service's warranty that helps in product replacing, product repairing & maintenance. As a result, it enhances your member customers' satisfaction.

Auto-generates claim, organize data into the claim templates as well as gives you the real-time reports on warranty-related activities. In addition, warranty registration software supports various features such as registration of stock, authorization of return, live tracking, etc. Implement this affordable membership management software to make improve ROI. 

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