Purchase Management

When it comes to buying, most organisations make do with the clunky with FSM purchase module organization can improve purchase order receiving process and also control procurement FSM’s purchase order software which will also help you to improve invoice automation, and an intuitive delivery management system that includes inventory distribution. Let’s understand Purchase Management FSM purchase management will streamline your procure-to-pay process by automating key transactions and providing approval workflow to support internal compliance requirements.


Create Cash Purchases

Create a cash purchase receipt to give your vendors as a payment record. Schedule deliverable invoices for your customers automatically.

Create Purchase Orders

Easily create purchase orders for your vendors to include payment terms, quantity and other purchase information; available in multiple currencies.

Create Goods Receipts

Provide your vendors with a delivery receipt of purchased goods, while mapping – respective purchase orders, applied discount rates, and payment details.

Create Debit Note

Generate a “Debit Note” for your customer against a purchase invoice, and reduce your accounts payable in cases such as the return of damaged goods.

Make Payment

Record all payments made to your vendor/customer against a GL code in multiple currencies through multiple payment methods, including cash, check and debit/credit card.

Our FSM offers the best in its class environment for you to manage all your purchase processes, such as creating purchase orders, receiving goods, making payments, and allowing you to return defective goods with financial instruments. By using FSM mobile app, your technician can raise RFQ during their service visit. You can create, monitor, and maintain all key order information of your purchases, ensuring that each purchase order is legitimate and authorized. By linking your purchase order to inventory control, you can access exact stock quantities, movement history, seasonal trends, and supplier lead times.