Work Order Management

Work orders are most important for a field service organization, it is so important it can be treated as the heart of a maintenance program and utilizing the work order software tools helps organizations stay up to date on labour, projects and resources in the current queue. The work order management software enables an organization to take control of work backlog and upcoming work, make constant improvements, boost labour productivity and remain compliant.


Work Orders Request Management

Work cannot always be planned ahead of time. For corrective work or customer appeals, work order requests are submitted. Maintenance managers can tailor workflow processes for request submission, approval, rejection, and completion to the specific needs of their organization. Identifying a workflow process ensures:

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are adhered to by all users
  • Work goes through an approval process
  • Areas of responsibility and expectations are clear for users
  • Periodic process auditing is performed
  • Valid data is being entered into FSM
  • Efficient communication flow
With FSM, organizations have the following options to define the work order type while creating a work order request:
  • Service Call
  • Delivery
  • Install
  • Site Inspection


With our FSM work order scheduling software, the human error associated with phone or face-to-face requests is no longer an issue. Organizations can send requestors automated email alerts when a work request is approved or rejected, and then an automated email alert with a satisfaction survey once work has been completed. With modern mobile FSM solutions, user can create work requests anytime, anywhere from their mobile device, including pictures of equipment needing repair.

Work Order Software

With the technological advancements of today, comprehensive FSM software makes it easy to work the way you want to work with tools that enable organizations to increase on-time work completion, improve workflow efficiency, keep track of project due dates and more.

Know more FSM work orders

Work Order Assignment – Assigned and unassigned work orders can also be viewed on a calendar display, and work can easily be reassigned when necessary. Scheduling Calendar – View a calendar by day, week or month with all labor resources and open work orders, or adjust calendar views and filter work order by its stage or whatever information is most critical to your organization.


Dashboards –Dashboards to stay in-the-know of work orders categorized by type, technician, department, and any other user-definable field.


Mobile Maintenance – Using FSM mobile workforce management solution, you can access real-time data and perform functions throughout your facility and on the road, including submitting and approving work requests, signing and closing out work orders and more. FSM is a work order tracking software which allows you to track the actual status of the work order and even you can set radius for Technician to clock in/out. This will help you track your Technicians in the field.